Hi, my name is Jordana Baker.  My life is based in Airdrie, Alberta.  I am a writer, photographer, violin teacher and  a stay at home mom.  My husband and I have been a duo since our 20's and I am the mom to two beautiful daughters.  Rachel is 10 and Sarah who died after living with cancer at the age of 3.

I love living in Alberta.  A prairie girl who married a mountain man makes this the perfect province for us.  I enjoy plants, music and am  always reading a book or listening to a new podcast.

In 2014 my daughter Sarah was diagnosed with cancer and after 3 short months she died.  I found myself in a  club that I really did not want to be in.  Learning to live with a deep relentless grief is difficult and I found myself being drawn to other bereaved parents as there was a certain amount of understanding and empathy that wasn't elsewhere.

I started to write about my experience as a bereaved parent.  This website was born from the desire to connect with others through my life.  

It isn't meant to be perfect or even encompassing, but I do hope that through my story and the experiences other parents share we can bring more understanding and tools to people dealing with a child's death.