Children at their siblings grave

In 2014 my entire world was broken wide open.  My daughter Sarah was diagnosed with cancer at the age of three.  A few months later we were sitting my her grave side trying to cope with all that had happened.  

  The Christmas after Sarah died my Oma held my hand and softly encouraged me.   My Oma lived more then 30 years without her son.  In my darkest moments that is what helped me take the next breath, my Oma's beautiful legacy of loving through her brokenness.

That wisdom is what needs to be shared.  Each bereaved parent has their own story, their own brokenness that deserves to be talked about.    Often being broken is put in the "bad" category, but I want to help others see that it should be put in the "powerful" category.

The accounts found here are written and condensed from our interviews together.  It isn't meant to be comprehensive, but rather small glimpses into the life of a bereaved parent. The essays are written as a manual or educational tool for those learning about bereaved parents.